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Monday, Sep. 1, 2014
Posted Monday, August 18, at 9:38 AM
By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist By now you know I have a huge imagination. People ask me, "Where do you come up with all the stories you tell us?" Their questions made me curious as to WHY do I have this wild imagination so I checked my thesaurus as if it could tell me why I have this imaginations and stories I love telling you...

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A bird in the attic
Posted Friday, August 15, at 9:56 AM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest columnist As a girl growing up in the Jefferson House it was a great good time. We had stairs we could scoot down and a banister we could slide down. A driveway we could skate down and a sidewalk to roller skate on. And, of course, the brick garage with the carriage house that Nancy and I tried to learn to smoke cigarettes in our "playhouse." The Loft...

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Pin curls and bandanas
Posted Monday, March 24, at 2:52 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist Remember when we used to curl our hair using bobby pins? We would shampoo our hair with Halo Shampoo, just like the movie stars used. Towel dry it. Sit down at our dressing table to comb our hair and take long stands, wrap it around our finger in a curl and put a couple of Bobby pins to hold those curls of tomorrow...

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Posted Friday, March 14, at 12:43 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist Do you remember the first pair of high-heeled shoes your mother let you buy? I sure do! Mother, her friend, Ruth, my friend, Nancy, and I took off for downtown Kansas City. I still remember the thrill of driving downtown and seeing the skyline of all the tall buildings...

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Lessons in life
Posted Friday, March 7, at 12:38 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist After 80 years on this earth, I have learned many things and I want to share a few of them with you. When our son, Stevie, was in the first grade in the little town of Holden (where my husband had his first coaching job), I was a room mother. The PTA invited a guest speaker from the University of Missouri and I have never forgotten what she told us...

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Stars shining bright above me
Posted Friday, February 28, at 2:16 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist You know those glow in the dark plastic stars you can buy? Do you have any idea how much fun they can give? Do you know when you put them on your ceiling when your first grandson, Brett, spends a week with you and that baby boy of your baby boy looks up and sees the stars shining bright above him and it's a wonderland...

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Inventions! What Next?
Posted Tuesday, February 25, at 11:42 AM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist What will they think of next? My grandsons, Brett and Evan have "things" (I don't even know what to call them) that I don't even know what they are for. Whoever heard of a phone that can take pictures? Or a Fax machine that you can immediately send a message over the air waves? Or a computer that I can send a greeting to friends and they get it as soon as I press send...

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Langan's Market
Posted Friday, February 7, at 12:55 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist The last time we strolled down memory lane in Marshall we visited The Missouri Valley Store. Then I started thinking, what stores were across the street on North Street. The Mary Lou Theatre and on a Saturday afternoon for a nickel you could see the latest adventures, plus, a cartoon, the news and a big sack of popcorn soaked in real butter for another nickel. Back then, a nickel went a long way...

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Lives we touch
Posted Friday, February 7, at 12:36 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist As we go through life day after day we never know what lives we touch, do we? Today I was at the market and a young lady came up to me and asked, "Are you Eleanor?" I told her, "Yes, that's me." She said, "When I was a little girl I visited my grandparents across the street from you at the Jefferson House. You were always so sweet and friendly to me even though you were a teenager. I never forgot you."...

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Saturdays on the square
Posted Wednesday, January 29, at 1:51 PM

By Carol Mallman Raynor Guest Columnist My mother always said I got hungry as soon as we reached the city limits of Marshall. Our weekly trip to town on Saturday afternoon in the 1940s and early 1950s was a very special event for me as a child, and I loved all the delicacies offered on the Marshall Courthouse Square. ...

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Jars and butter tubs
Posted Wednesday, January 29, at 1:49 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest columnist Don't even ask ... why do we save jars, butter tubs, cottage cheese containers, even though they cost next to nothing, why do I feel I have to save them? A left over from growing up at the end of the depression when the need to save was all important?...

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Posted Monday, January 27, at 2:55 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist Earlier I wrote about lives we touch and that brought to mind a story about my son, Stevie. From the time Stevie learned to talk he was a communicator. One day we were at the market, he was sitting in the grocery cart, looked up at me with his dimpled smile and asked, "Beauty, can I have a cup cake?"...

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Footprints in the snow
Posted Thursday, January 23, at 9:49 AM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist My son, Rick, his lovely wife, April, and my special grandson, Evan, came down the day after Christmas to help us celebrate the holiday. Somehow, I don't know how, I lost a day. I thought they were coming on Friday after Christmas, not Thursday. So, I was out running last minute errands (why do we do that?). We know that Christmas comes every year on Dec. 25...

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Ice skates
Posted Friday, January 10, at 1:47 PM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist Back when I was a girl -- just a few short years ago -- summer was over, there was no playing tennis or swimming at Indian Foothills Park. So, what were we to do? Coach Lyons, the director of Indian Foothills Park, came up with a great idea. He had them freeze over the tennis courts so we could ice skate...

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My scrapbooks
Posted Friday, January 3, at 11:47 AM

By Ellie Butterfield Guest Columnist You know when you live in a fantasy world like I do where you are still a girl at heart and then, you look through your scrapbooks of days gone by and for gosh sakes, your scrapbook is torn and tattered. The once beautiful corsage your boyfriend gave you for a dance is now withered and dried up, but your memories of when he pined that gardenia corsage on your formal are not forgotten...

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Remember when?
Posted Thursday, September 26, at 12:29 PM

By ELLIE BUTTERFIELD Guest Columnist Remember when your boyfriend always opened the car door for you? Or he walked on the outside of the sidewalk just in case a car would drive by and splash you? Or when we wore hats and gloves to church or any social event. ...

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Do you remember the Missouri Valley Store?
Posted Monday, August 5, at 2:21 PM

By ELLIE BUTTERFIELD Guest Columnist How many of you remember the Missouri Valley Store on East North Street right off the square? It was our department store that had everything, from hats to shoes, dishes to bed linens, material and furniture and, a second story with a beautiful stair case you walked up ... no escalators back then. You walked up one flight to the landing, turned and up another flight to the world of wonder...

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The old swimming pond (and pool)
Posted Friday, May 31, at 10:17 AM

By ELLIE BUTTERFIELD Guest Columnist Guess I have always grown up loving to swim. It started at my Grandpa's farm (W.W. Hains) when I was just a little girl. He had a huge watering tank and when he filled it up he would let my brother, Billy, and me use it for a swimming pool...

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Marshall mentors musicians: How local businessmen helped Mike Henderson start on the road to success in music and art
Posted Wednesday, May 8, at 5:06 PM

By VIRGINIA SPRIGG Guest Columnist Mike Henderson recently reminisced about his growing up years in Marshall, Missouri. He was a very determined person with a great deal of talent, but he had dropped out of school and went to work at various places around Marshall...

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Take me out to the ballgame
Posted Wednesday, May 8, at 5:05 PM

By ELLIE BUTTERFIELD Guest Columnist When my husband, Dick, was going to Raytown High School, one of his best friends was Billy Bob Allison. They played football together and loved their coach, Ted Chitwood. They had many good times growing up together and stayed in touch over the years...

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