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Politicians Promises & Money

Posted Monday, September 24, 2012, at 1:07 PM

I've heard it said that you're not supposed to talk about religion or politics at a gathering. If you think about it, religion and politics affect just about every aspect of our lives.

Whenever someone calls me or wants to talk to me about my vote or giving a contribution for their candidate, I tell them I make my donations to my state political party.

As far as my vote goes, I do a little research and compare what a candidate in office has done. I listen to others running for office and try to get a feel for what they are all about. I also tell them that to get my vote the candidate has to live up to the two mottos on our state flag.

What they usually reply? Yea, that's what I said.

On The Missouri State Flag you will see our state seal and the shield. This shield is encircled by a belt inscribed with the motto, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall."

I believe that should be the attitude of every citizen is this state and in this country. The bears stand atop a scroll bearing the state motto, "Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto," which means, "Let The Welfare Of The People Be The Supreme Law."

The power and meaning of our state motto escapes most people, because it's written is Latin. I've actually asked state officials if they knew what it meant, and the majority said no. Maybe that's why things seem to be going as the are in both our senate and representative chambers here in Missouri and in Washington, D.C.

I believe that all candidates and politicians should be required to take an oath pledging to fulfill those two mottos. And for those who do end up in Congress, remember we also have a state saying, "I'm From Missouri You'll Have To Show Me."

I'm John Q. What do you think?

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You mean the motto for all government entities in the 21st century hasn't been changed to "In God We Trust?"

Does the Blunt family know about this?

-- Posted by Smart Dog on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 4:02 PM

I really don't know Smart Dog.

-- Posted by John Q. on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 5:46 PM

Don't think that would work Bohdi because they could get in office, do the bidding of two, or three deep pocket corporations, then take a consultant job with all of them at once upon leaving office. Yes we could make rules against such a scenario, but they would then find another way to twist it.

The real answer is an informed public, and honest elections that are publically financed.

-- Posted by Oklahoma Reader on Mon, Sep 24, 2012, at 10:47 PM

Bondi I understand you comments and think they may be the result of frustration with the way our government works. H.L. Menken said,"every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under." He also believed that the urge to save humanity by those seeking higher office was almost always a false front for the urge to rule.

At this time I still don't believe that all government is against liberty as he did but everything that the government does costs something. That something has to be paid for by you the taxpayer. Laws regulate and every law enacted regulates the people.

"All that is necessary for truimph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

How you doing OR? Haven't heard from me in a while.

-- Posted by John Q. on Tue, Sep 25, 2012, at 12:51 PM

You are long overdue JQ. :) I always enjoy your commentary. BTW I am a big fan of Mencken myself. It is hard for a geezer like me to not appreciate him. It seems to me that old geezers like me who have long observed the circus that is life, and grown increasingly acerbic due to that circus, also become more appreciative of H. L. Mencken. However I think some of us are more sympathetic to the clowns, and barkers than was Mencken. I'm not sure he ever recognized that somebody has to play those roles. The public demands it, and would fabricate them if necessary. ;)

-- Posted by Oklahoma Reader on Tue, Sep 25, 2012, at 6:11 PM

BohdiLi, I completely agree with your last comment but it's going to take more that luck.

-- Posted by John Q. on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 1:37 AM

NanaDot, things have been different to say the least. I've been working is SE Missouri for over seventeen months and all I can say is that I sure miss being in Marshall. Or to put it another way, a bad day is Marshall is better than a good day here. Sometimes you don't always realize what you have until change comes into you life.

I don't know if it's the prisons in the county and the resulting crime associated with it, the drugs or the murders that go on here that has a lot of people uptight. My place has been burglarized five times in the time that I've been here. The only time the sheriff's department came by was to take custody of the two gentlemen that I apprehended in the building. I checked the statistics on active meth lab seizures by county and found out that compared to Saline County the ration here is 96 to 1. Now that's what I call different. Maybe my next post will be about drugs I know I'm going to do one on the Second Amendment. I know you've never been accused of it but, be good.

-- Posted by John Q. on Thu, Sep 27, 2012, at 10:32 AM

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