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"Knowing" opens in Marshall

Posted Friday, April 10, 2009, at 12:32 PM

Get to know Nicolas Cage's latest movie "Knowing". Now playing at Marshall Cinema.
Marshallites will get their chance to know more about the film career of Nicolas Cage when his latest movie "Knowing" opens at Marshall Cinemas this Friday. The sci-fi thriller tells the story of a single father (Cage) whose son receives a strange paper filled with numbers from a time capsule that is opened at his school. Cage discovers that the numbers coincide with the dates and casualty totals of every major disaster to happen on the planet over the past fifty years. How is the possible? And more importantly, what happens to the planet once the numbers run out?

This is the best movie I've seen released this year. It is great science fiction told with intense suspense. Filled with both scientific and Biblical rhetoric, "Knowing" is a powerful experience that is sure to have audience members talking when they leave the theater. Go to bbtheatres.com for showtimes and tickets.

Read my review of "Knowing" here.

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