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Friday, Aug. 22, 2014
Ag News for Mid Missouri
Madeline Lee: Tradition of canning
The tradition of canning food has held strong for decades, and for one Slater resident, it's a new way to continue the...
Lessons from the Ingalls
This year, timely rains and cool weather have blessed our area with colorful corn and soybean fields which point toward...
USDA provides 12-Week progress update on disaster assistance
WASHINGTON -- Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack provided a 12-week progress report on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) disaster assistance programs, announcing that USDA has processed 106,000 payments to farmers in 40 states across the country who suffered livestock and grazing losses between October 2011 and passage of the 2014 Farm Bill...
Ag panel examines USDA's efforts implementing reforms in the Agricultural Act of 2014 (07/30/14)
WASHINGTON -- Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee's Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk...
USDA awards funds to promote development of rural wood to energy projects (07/30/14)
WASHINGTON -- Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the award of more than $2.5 million in grants to develop wood...
MDC offers landowner's financial assistance to improve wildlife habitat (07/30/14)
Landowners wishing to improve their land for wildlife and other conservation goals can apply for technical and...
Clayton Deis (Gilliam) (07/30/14)
Clayton Deis is no stranger to agriculture. He was only six years old when he got involved in his grandparent's...

FFA: Mariah Harper
"I find agriculture very, very important because if we are to feed 90 billion people by 2050 then we're going to have to pick up our agriculture stuff. There's a lot of things that involve agriculture. There's very few jobs that you could say that you are working that doesn't involve agriculture."...

2014 Saline County Fair: 4-H, FFA members recognized at ceremony concluding the county fair
The 2014 Saline County Fair Awards Ceremony was held Sunday, July 20. A welcome was given by Sam Igo, followed by an introduction of the Senior Fair Queen, Kayla Elson and Junior Fair Queen, Molly Angelhow. The High Point Poultry award was presented to Josey Bartlett, the award was donated by Jerry and Kris Snapp family. ...

2014 Saline County Fair: 4-H, FFA members show off horsemanship skills
The Saline County Fair 4-H and FFA Horse Show took place Saturday, July 19. The individual results are as follows: Haley Baker: Horse show, first, second and third place, three red ribbons, one white ribbon and one blue ribbon. Josey Bartlett: Horse show, first place and fourth place, three blue ribbons...
Wheat numbers good in Missouri variety tests
By Linda Geist/MU Extension ~ 08/21/14
Wheat yields at Missouri tests sites were good, according to the 2014 Missouri wheat variety crop performance report. Bill Wiebold, University of Missouri Extension specialist, said tests plots from southwestern and southeastern Missouri showed the highest yields...
Wear a helmet when horseback riding
By Linda Geist/MU Extension ~ 08/18/14
COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Horse trainer Zane Volkmann calls his riding helmet an "anti-watermelon cracker." Volkmann, who suffered a brain injury two years ago while riding, spent part of his summer college-related internship encouraging horseback riders to wear a helmet...
Simeon Buie, son of Dan and Rebecca Buie, is the exhibitor of the 2014 Grand Champion Pen of Chickens at the Missouri State Fair. He is a member of the Work to Win 4-H Club. Buie's prize-winning chickens weighed an average of 5.95 pounds. The Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Chickens honor also went... >>
The 2014 Saline County Fair Awards Ceremony was held Sunday, July 20. A welcome was given by Sam Igo, followed by an introduction of the Senior Fair Queen, Kayla Elson and Junior Fair Queen, Molly Angelhow. The High Point Poultry award was presented to Josey Bartlett, the award was donated by Jerry... >>

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John's Q&A
Healthier plants produce more seed
First, I want to start off by thanking everyone for the overwhelming response to my last article about Biologicals. After speaking with many of you and reading your emails, it is clear that this is a technology that's of great interest to farmers. And it should be, because of the dramatic impact that biologicals can have upon your yields. Below, I am going to cover a few of the questions that you have asked me...
Understanding biologicals and their role in higher yields
Question: If Biologicals are all natural then don't they already exist in my soil, and aren't they already hard at work for me? Answer: The short answer is no... As growers, we are faced with a wide variety of soil types and soil conditions. Unfortunately, the types of beneficial organisms that we're discovering through biological research are not created within your soil under normal growing conditions...

The Fight for Higher Yields
There is a lot of talk among farmers about how to increase yields, while at the same time, lowering costs. One of the more recent technologies that is successfully doing this very thing is the rise of various microbial formulations for row crops. Question: What does the term "Biologicals" mean? Answer: "Biologicals" are living microorganisms that are bacterial or fungal in nature, and that are derived from plant extracts. These are unsynthesized organisms that have not been created from any chemical ...
Farm Safety
Farm safety may seem like something only teens who live on farms need to know about. The truth is that everyone can benefit from learning about farm safety, even people who are merely visiting farms. Farming is a common form...
Children: Don't ask to ride along in tractors. Even though it's fun, passengers on a tractor can interfere with safe operation of machinery. Always get permission to visit a parent or adult while they are working on...
Even with all the right precautions, accidents still happen. One important rule for families who live or work on farms is that family members should always be aware of where everyone is and when they are due to return so...