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Ag News for Mid Missouri

Caron CEO Doug Tieman releases his first book
Flying Over the Pigpen: Leadership Lessons from Growing Up on a Farm As a boy growing up on his family's pig farm in...
Since when is feeding the world a 'useless' career?
Recently, a Yahoo blogger wrote a list of the five "most useless" college degrees in America. His top five were...
The internship I didn't want (10/29/15)
I stared blankly at my advisor, trying to hide my disappointment. A feedlot? I felt like stomping my feet like a child...
Succession, estate and retirement program for farm and small business
Carrollton -- University of Missouri Extension will reach out to surrounding counties and local communities to help farm families, individuals and businesses with succession, estate and retirement planning. The program called "Your Farm, Your Business, Your Future" consists of four workshops held on Thursday nights from 6-9 p.m. Feb. 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2016, at the Carrollton Public Library, 1 North Folger Street...
Test well water annually
By Jason Vance/University of Missouri Extension ~ 01/07/16
COLUMBIA -- The human body is more than 70 percent water and it needs to be replenished every day. But how good is the water you're drinking? If you have a private well, testing the water once a year is a good idea. "Mainly what we want to check for is E. coli bacteria," says Bob Broz, University of Missouri Extension water quality specialist...
MU Thompson Farm event shows new beef genomics, AI breeding
By Duane Dailey/MU Extension ~ 10/01/15
SPICKARD, Mo.-- It has happened before, but always surprises. The biggest, best-looking beef cows had the worst genetic scores. At the University of Missouri Thompson Farm Field Day, eight cows were sorted out for study by farm visitors. Four cows were top of the herd. Four were on the bottom...

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John's Q&A
New Nanotechnology Products Seek to Maximize Agricultural Productivity
In past columns, I've shared information about cold-processed sweeteners and their role in boosting plant health and crop yields. New nanotechnology solutions offer an alternative delivery mechanism for inputs, such as sweeteners, to make these inputs even more effective. Nanotechnology may also improve efficacy of other crop inputs, such as herbicides. We at BigYield.us see potential in using nanotechnology to help producers make even better use of both sweeteners and herbicides...
Low projected net farm income forces focus on efficiency
The USDA recently released updated net farm income data. It shared that net farm income totaled $90.4 billion in 2014, and it's projected to total $55.9 billion in 2015. Not since 2002 has net farm income dropped to levels lower than those predicted for 2015. Just two years ago, net farm income reached a $123.3 billion high. The following graph illustrates recent USDA net farm income data and the forecast for 2015...
Farm Safety
You've finally decided to cut down some of those bothersome trees in the back 40. Grab your chain saw, safety glasses, a helmet, and earmuffs. Then analyze how to follow through on your project before you make a cut. John...
COLUMBIA -- Dust flies everywhere when combining, loading, unloading and drying grain. Farmworkers can reduce its effects by wearing protective gear, says University of Missouri Extension state health and safety specialist...
SEDALIA -- Missouri State Fair attendees can learn how to guard against common dangers on the farm and in the home at the Show-Me Farm Safety booth in the Agriculture Building. The Missouri agriculture and labor departments,...