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Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016

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20/20 Optical shows off new address (12/08/16)
Humane Society rescues 59 animals in Saline County (12/08/16)
The Human Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued 59 animals from a private property outside of Marshall...
County Treasurer summarizes end-of-year tax totals (12/08/16)
Saline County Treasurer Marty Smith read a summary of county taxes received during December and 2016 at the county...
Chamber of commerce welcomes Chiropractor Kylie Heying (12/08/16)
Director updates Parks Board on Lyon Bowl project, Day in the Park additions (12/08/16)
While waiting for what spring will bring with the renovation of the Lyon Bowl fields drawing closer to starting,...
Two felony child molestation charges filed against Marshall man (12/08/16)
A Marshall man faces two class B felony charges of child molestation, first degree, from incidents occurring on or near...
Marshall Sonic employee reports end of shift mugging (12/07/16)
Marshall police are investigating a reported assault and robbery of an employee at Sonic Drive-in Tuesday evening, Dec....
Man injured in I-70 crash (12/07/16)
A Gladstone man was seriously injured Tuesday evening, Dec. 6, after the vehicle he was driving traveled off of the...

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What a big surprise CBB a cop hater he is hating on hard working ,going up and beyond ,couple outstanding individuals like Newell and obryan.. I think you may need therapy for your Capiophobia, lol. Quit listening to your leader Louis Farrakhan-falseacon and the final call..

-- Posted by firethecurrent on Thu, Dec 8, 2016, at 10:55 PM

I totally agree. We should focus on local stuff on the regular speak out forum.

Local issues like the FBI investigating the local police.

Our former sheriff Wally George plead guilty to grand theft likely as part of a plea agreement to avoid public knowledge of and or prosecution for other crimes he committed. And there is an ongoing FBI investigation to find out if our local cops are: a) so freakin stupid they couldn't tell that Newell's and Obryan's lies didn't match the video tape or b) so freaking corrupt that they knew it was bullchips and went along with the frame job they put on mr. Rottgen anyway.

Btw folks, after receiving A COUPLE MONTHS PAID VACATION those two liars Newell and Obryan are back at work shoulder to shoulder with the other cops that covered their behinds inspite of obvious video evidence that they were lying.

The fact that, given the crimes committed and the eventualities of Wally George getting a pass, the fairytale twins getting rewarded with paid vacation and nobody in the local PD being charged with or sanctioned for any wrong doing what so ever should definitely be bigger news than it is.

Unless Marshall/saline co residents are just so accustomed to the police being corrupt, lying, thieving scum that it has become common place like talking about the weather.

-- Posted by Coldbeerbear on Thu, Dec 8, 2016, at 8:47 PM

However, I will respect the wishes of those in the community who would prefer the main speakout be used for commentary on local issues.

I will take my politics to the political speakout.

I hope that helps mate!

-- Posted by news across on Thu, Dec 8, 2016, at 5:14 PM

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