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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016
Sanitation Notice

Due to the Labor Day Holiday, all residential routes will be postponed one day starting for the week of Sept. 5. Marshall's Department of Municipal Services reminds residents to please not mow or blow leaves into the street. Help keep our storm drains clean and pollution free.

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County Commission discusses property renovation, roadwork and voting (08/30/16)
The Saline County Commission met Tuesday, Aug. 30, where a letter from the commission was read in reference to a new...
Pool contracting procedure raises questions for city of Sweet Springs (08/30/16)
Contracting for the renovation of the Sweet Springs city pool remains a question mark for the city. In April, the...
Water meter mystery baffles city of Sweet Springs (08/30/16)
Water bills across Sweet Springs were on the rise, and the cause is uncertain. Public Works personnel reported...
Score Campaign now includes Saline County (08/29/16)
Columbia Orthopaedic Group has become the presenting sponsor of the 2016 Missouri Tigers Score Against Hunger campaign,...
Missouri Dept. of Insurance issues fine, alleges insurer continued charging for policies that would pay no benefits (08/29/16)
The Missouri Department of Insurance announced a settlement had been reached following an investigation of CMFG Life...
2016 Sweet Springs Gusher Days (08/29/16)
Children hopped from ride to ride at the carnival, as adults played carnival games, listened to entertainment ...
Senior living residence receives high marks (08/29/16)
A recent inspection by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services yielded positive results for Highland Home...
YMCA celebrates 20 years in Marshall (08/29/16)
The Salt Fork YMCA celebrated a two-decade milestone Saturday, Aug. 27, as that date marked the 20-year anniversary of...

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-- Posted by Coldbeerbear on Tue, Aug 30, 2016, at 4:29 PM

AARON HUSTED, where are the reports of the effectiveness of the sobriety checkpoint? The paper usually posts an article within a couple days of the checkpoint ending. Has something changed? Is news about the local police and how our town is being "protected" from drunk drivers no longer newsworthy? Is somebody trying to keep this info secret? Are the police refusing to release the data because of the embarrassment they suffered due to the videos and articles on this site about their attempted murder and cover-up at Walmart? Is the family that owns the paper afraid of retaliation for being critical of the local police (I would totally understand if this was the case)?

What's the deal?

-- Posted by Coldbeerbear on Tue, Aug 30, 2016, at 10:01 AM
Response by Arron Hustead:
We publish results from DWI checkpoints when we receive them. We have not received a report from the most recently scheduled checkpoint at this time. Unconfirmed report from this morning is that the checkpoint scheduled this month was likely cancelled.

All i gotta say is LOL!

-- Posted by firethecurrent on Mon, Aug 29, 2016, at 2:21 PM

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