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MPD investigating reported vehicle theft (12/07/16)
A reported vehicle theft Friday, Dec. 2, remains under investigation by Marshall police. The vehicle, a copper 2003...
Annual Fitzgibbon Tree of Life ceremony honors patients lost to illness (12/07/16)
Patients, families and staff members honored those lost to illness during Fitzgibbon Hospital's annual Tree of Life...
Four Slater council seats open in next election, council talks about utilities, sewer pipe repairs (12/07/16)
Mayor Stephen Allegri announced during a regular Slater City Council meeting that four city council seats will be open...
Registered Marshall sex offender charged with four felonies (12/06/16)
Four felony charges were filed against Claudie Y. Dertinger, 32, of Marshall, Friday, Dec. 2, for allegedly failing to...
Oregon man allegedly caught transporting more than 20 pounds of marijuana (12/06/16)
A Portland, Oregon, man was charged by the Saline County Prosecutor's office with a class B felony of distribution,...
Marshall man charged in storage unit burglary (12/06/16)
The Saline County Prosecutor's office filed one count of second degree burglary and two misdemeanor charges of...
Gilliam man charged with felony property damage, four misdemeanors after domestic disturbance (12/06/16)
Jeremy K. Smith, 25, of Gilliam, faces one felony and four misdemeanor charges after an incidence that occurred at his...
County Clerk's office begins preparation for April 2017 election (12/06/16)
The Saline County Clerk's office is already preparing for the next election, County Clerk Debbie Russell announced...

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If you can't see the parallels between Adolf hitler with his Brownshirts and Donald tRump with his white nationalists I have to assume you were educated in the Marshall schools system, have at least one shortcut to a white nationalist news/web-site on your browser or just haven't been paying attention for at least 2 years, or maybe some revolting combination of several types of ignorance.

I suggest you pick up a book (not published in Texas) and study a little 20th century history. Or just history of European government in general. Then call your highschool history teachers and college professors and thank them for letting you graduate.

-- Posted by Coldbeerbear on Wed, Dec 7, 2016, at 11:15 AM

News across, you are wearing me out on this nazis thing you keep talking about. I have no clue where the comparison is, and I know you haven't got a clue either, you probably thought it sounded neat so you get alittle excited every time you type it.. Please justified how you draw analogies between the systematic regime of torture, persecution and extermination of the Nazis regime to the party ready to move in the White House.. Please don't try to you just embarrass yourself and put shame to your uncles accomplishments okay mate

-- Posted by firethecurrent on Wed, Dec 7, 2016, at 9:32 AM

"why are you guys doing this[?]"

Some folks asked my Uncle the same question after he came home from the Army with a steel plate in his head, circa World War.

His answer was simple,

"If we don't stand up to the Nazis and the Imperialists then who will?"

He used to say a lot of things like that. He got 2 Silver Stars for his part in fighting the Nazis and the Imperialists (for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States -- twice). Last time I checked, back in 2010 when I came home to Marshall for a few days, they still mention him and those stars on a wall inside the Court House along with the other specially-decorated heroes from Marshall (and the USA). No, not the beautiful memorial outside, a wall inside the Court House. If you ever want to see it, feel free to have a look -- just ask if you don't see it.

Now the same enemy my Uncle's generation fought so hard to defeat is about to move into the White House.

What a shame America! What a shame!!

-- Posted by news across on Wed, Dec 7, 2016, at 12:00 AM

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