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MFD tackles medical evacuation exercise (10/28/16)
Trick-or-treaters pack downtown sidewalks Thursday (10/28/16)
Sidewalks were standing-room only at times during the downtown trick-or-treat event held Thursday, Oct. 27. Ghouls,...
Marshall man faces felony resisting arrest charge after high speed chase (10/28/16)
A Marshall man is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday, Nov. 2, after being charged with a class D felony of...
Former E.M.A. Director plaque of honor presented to family (10/27/16)
Saline County Emergency Management Director Tony Day presented a plaque in honor of former E.M.A. Director Emmit...
Vehicle collides with guardrail at I-70 exit (Updated at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 27) (10/27/16)
Emergency responders check on the driver involved in a single-vehicle crash on Interstate-70 at the westbound exit to...
23-year-old man arrested for armed robbery (10/26/16)
On Wednesday, Oct. 26, the Marshall Police Department, working closely with the Saline County Sheriff's Office, was...
Preliminary hearing set in alleged prescription fraud case (10/26/16)
The date for preliminary hearing in the case of Anne Marie Coke was set in the Division VI Courtroom of the Saline...
CHS/CWI to close recycling operation, seven employees to be offered other opportunities (10/26/16)
Citing a drastic decline in cardboard pricing, the Center for Human Services and Cooperative Workshops, Inc. in...

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How do you feel about Reuters as a source?

Y'all should make sure and thank your farmer friends for the GDP boost from growing all those soybeans.


Also, if you pay attention, we need those trade agreements like TPP and NAFTA to open world markets for our ag products from right here in Saline County. Without them farm prices would tank even further.

So think about that a little before you pick a side to vote for. Which candidates are more likely to support expanding foreign markets for ag products?

One says they want to scrap all our current trade pacts, the other says we should expand them.

Farmers need those hungry people overseas buying our crops and livestock as we now compete, not just with our neighbors, but with all other ag producers world wide.

-- Posted by Smart Dog on Fri, Oct 28, 2016, at 2:36 PM

In my opinion, most of these comments and closed minded conversations belong on a website forum-- away from MDN website. Craigslist, Reddit, anything along those lines.

Posting "youtube" or another blog website and credible reference is ridiculous.

Would you start a research paper--or an opinion editorial with, "according to Wikipedia..." Use your head, that the lump three feet above your...

I realize MDN has a disclosure for not releasing names, they elected to use the usernames to publically display. On the other hand, Letters to the Editor receive much more scrutiny and requires name, occupation and just about proof you're not an idiot.

If you commenters have the Moxy to write on this "Speak Out" without regard to those who read the articles for legitimate news, you need should move on to Sedalia Democrat or as mentioned above, craiglist forums. Not to confuse CCB with his magazine subscription to "adult forums"

-- Posted by Abovethelaw on Fri, Oct 28, 2016, at 11:36 AM

I forgot to use their names. I'm sorry. I believe it's important to name the problem before you try to fix it.

In my opinion Officers Newell and Obryan are both guilty of felonious assault, reckless endangerment, obstruction of justice for providing false information to a officer of the law and possibly attempted murder.

But they're both cops and related to "the right people" so they'll come out of this smelling like roses. Dangerous, murderous, trigger happy, lying, roses.

-- Posted by Coldbeerbear on Thu, Oct 27, 2016, at 9:54 PM

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